12 May 2021

Survey of market expectations

Market agents expect inflation to ease in the coming term and measure 3% a year from now. Expectations two, five, and ten years ahead are unchanged and still at target. Furthermore, they expect the key rate to rise in Q3. These are findings from the latest survey of market agents’ expectations conducted by the Central Bank of Iceland over the period from 3 through 5 May.

03 May 2021

Special Publication 14: Iceland’s balance of payments and international investment position

The Central Bank of Iceland has published a report on Iceland´s balance of payments, external position and associated vulnerabilities. The report discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the balance of payments and external position in 2020 and sketches out a balance of payments scenario for 2021. Particular emphasis is placed on developments in the balance of payments and capital flows, as well as on the impact of changes in flows on external position and its composition, and on the domestic foreign exchange interbank market.