Monetary Policy Committee

Decisions on the application of the Central Bank's monetary policy instruments are taken by the Monetary Policy Committee. These monetary policy instruments are its interest rate decisions, transactions with credit institutions other than loans of last resort, decisions on reserve requirements, and foreign exchange market transactions aimed at affecting the exchange rate of the króna. The members of the MPC are, from 1 January 2020: Ásgeir Jónsson, Chairman, Rannveig Sigurdardóttir, Gunnar Jakobsson, Katrín Ólafsdóttir and Gylfi Zoëga.


Decisions on the Bank's monetary policy instruments, MPC statements, and minutes of MPC meetings

The Act on the Central Bank of Iceland requires that the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee meet at least six times a year and that it make public the minutes of its meetings and explain its decisions and the rationale behind them. Each monetary policy decision is published in a statement released by the MPC before the market opens on the day the decision is announced.  The MPC publishes the minutes of its meetings two weeks after each interest rate decision is announced. The minutes contain the Committee’s assessment of economic and monetary developments and prospects and the members’ reasons for their votes. Further information can be found in the Monetary Policy Committee Rules of Procedure which are approved by the Central Bank of Iceland Supervisory Board.


Decisions on the Bank's monetary policy instruments and publication date for the minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee.

Date of decisionsMPC statementsWeeks since previous announcementMinutes of the MPC
17. NovemberInterest rate decision6
06. OctoberInterest rate decision620. October
25. AugustInterest rate decision1408. September
19. MayInterest rate decision802. June
24. MarchInterest rate decision707. April
03. FebruaryInterest rate decision1117. February