26 February 2021

Central Bank to continue regular programme of foreign currency sales

From Monday, 1 March 2021 through the end of the month, the Central Bank of Iceland will sell 3 million euros per business day to market makers in the foreign exchange market, for a total of 69 million euros during the month.

25 February 2021

Information on the status of NOVIS

The Financial Supervisory Authority of the Central Bank of Iceland (FSA Iceland) makes reference to press releases dated 18 and 29 September and 23 October 2020, announcing a temporary ban on new sales of unit-linked insurance contracts. The ban was imposed by Národná banka Slovenska (National Bank of Slovakia, NBS) on NOVIS Insurance Company, NOVIS Versicherungsgesellschaft, NOVIS Compagnia di Assicurazioni, and NOVIS Poisťovňa a.s. (referred to collectively as NOVIS).

17 February 2021

Minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee meeting of 1-2 February 2021

In accordance with the Monetary Policy Committee Rules of Procedure, the minutes of the Committee's most recent meeting have been published on the Bank's website. The minutes are published two weeks after the announcement of the Committee‘s decision.

05 February 2021

Report to the Prime Minister on inflation above the upper deviation threshold of the inflation target

The Central Bank of Iceland has sent the Prime Minister a report on inflation above the upper deviation threshold of the inflation target in January 2021. The inflation target is set in a joint declaration issued by the Bank and the Government in 2001. If inflation deviates by more than 1½ percentage points in either direction from the target of 2½%, the Bank must submit a public report to the Government, explaining the reasons for the deviation, how the Bank intends to react and how long it will take to reach the inflation target again in the Bank’s assessment.

03 February 2021

Webcast, MPC statement, interest rate decision and Monetary Bulletin

A statement of the MPC and the Committee's interest rate decision was published at 08:30 hrs. today, 3 February 2021, on the Central Bank website. A few minutes later the Bank's quarterly Monetary Bulletin will be published. Beginning at 10:00 hrs. a webcast started where Bank officials presented the interest rate decision, the MPC statement, and the contents of Monetary Bulletin.