Working Paper No. 84: DYNIMO - Version III. A DSGE model of the Icelandic economy

The Central Bank of Iceland has published a a Working Paper with a new handbook for the third version of Dynimo, the bank‘s dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model, including derivations of model equations from first principles as well as validation and motivation for the mathematical tools needed. Estimation and evaluation of the model‘s properties are performed.

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Minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee meeting of 16 and 17 November 2020

02 December 2020
In accordance with the Monetary Policy Committee Rules of Procedure, the minutes of the Committee's most...

Central Bank to continue programme of regular foreign currency sales

30 November 2020
From Tuesday 1 December through the end of the month, the Central Bank of Iceland will sell 3 million euros...

Current account deficit of 1.2 in Q3 2020 - Net international investment position positive by 33.5% of GDP

30 November 2020
In Q3/2020, the current account showed a deficit of 1.2, as compared with a deficit of 5.9 in the...