Current account surplus 63 b.kr. in Q3/2019 – net IIP positive by 714 b.kr.

The current account surplus measured 63 b.kr. in Q3/2019, as compared with a surplus of 73.8 b.kr. in the same quarter of 2018. There was a deficit on goods trade in the amount of 45.9 b.kr and a 101.3 b.kr. surplus on services trade, as well as a 13.4 b.kr. surplus on primary income and a 5.9 b.kr. deficit on secondary income.


Minutes of the MPC

Here are the minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Iceland from the meeting held on 4 and 5 November 2019. There, the Committee discussed economic and financial market developments, the interest rate decision on 6 November, and the communication of that decision.


IMF Article IV visit to Iceland 30 October - 11 November 2019

A mission from the International Monetary Fund has issued the following concluding statement after a two week Article IV Consultation visit to Iceland. The mission met with representatives of government, the Central Bank, The Financial Supervisory Authority as well as representatives of financial institutions and the real sector.


Governor addresses Chamber of Commerce: Blazing a low-interest rate trail

Governor Ásgeir Jónsson reviewed monetary developments and prospects at the Chamber of Commerce monetary policy meeting, held at the Hilton Hotel this morning, Thursday 7 November. The theme of the meeting was “Blazing a low-interest rate trail”, and the Governor discussed Iceland’s low-interest rate environment and the long-term structural changes that have allowed for lower domestic interest rates.


Monetary Bulletin 2019/4

Monetary Bulletin 2019/4 has been published on the Central Bank's website. Monetary Bulletin is published four times a year. The November issue contains updated inflation and macroeconomic forecasts and an abbreviated report on economic and monetary developments and outlook. Monetary Bulletin is also issued in Icelandic under the title Peningamál.