Monetary Policy Committee

By law, decisions on the application of the Central Bank's monetary policy instruments are taken by the Monetary Policy Committee. These monetary policy instruments are its interest rate decisions, transactions with credit institutions other than loans of last resort, decisions on reserve requirements, and foreign exchange market transactions aimed at affecting the exchange rate of the króna.


Interest rate announcements, publication date for the minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee‘s and publication date for Monetary Bulletin.

Date of interest rate decisionMPC statementsWeeks since previous interest rate decision announcementMinutes of the MPC
12. FebruaryInterest rate decision926. February
19. MarchInterest rate decision502. April
21. MayInterest rate decision904. June
11. JuneInterest rate decision325. June
20. AugustInterest rate decision1003. September
01. OctoberInterest rate decision615. October
05. NovemberInterest rate decision519. November
10. DecemberInterest rate decision524. December