Other financial corporations

29. January

December 2023

Total assets of other financial corporations at the end of December amounted to 255.2 b.kr. and increased by 11.9 b.kr. between months. Domestic assets amounted to 223.8 b.kr. and foreign assets amounted to 31.4 b.kr. Domestic assets increased by 576 m.kr. during December and foreign assets decreased by 11.3 b.kr.

Total liabilities of other financial corporations were 222.2 b.kr. and increased by 11.6 b.kr. in December. Domestic liabilities amounted to 203.7 b.kr. and foreign liabilities amounted to 18.5 b.kr. Equity of other financial corporations amounted to 32.9 b.kr. at the end of December and decreased by 300 m.kr. from the previous month.

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