Balance of payments

01. December


The current account surplus measured 61.8 in Q3/2023. This represents an improvement of 60.8 relative to the previous quarter and 39.7 relative to Q3/2022. There was a deficit on goods trade in the amount of 94.2 and a 150.3 surplus on services trade. The surplus on primary income amounted to 18.8, whereas there was a 13.1 deficit on secondary income.
The improvement in the current account balance relative to the same quarter in 2022 stems, among other things, from a more favourable primary income balance in the amount of 34.2, which in turn is due mainly to a poorer performance among foreign-owned companies classified as direct investment. Furthermore, the surplus on services trade was 32.4 larger. On the other hand, the deficit on goods trade increased by 24.6 and the deficit on secondary income by 2.2

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