Payment intermediation

16. May

April 2023

Total turnover of domestic payment cards amounted to 108.9 in April 2023, where the total turnover of debit cards was 48.1 and the turnover of credit cards was 60.7
(It is worth noting that one of the submitters of the card numbers overcounted part of their domestic debit card turnover for March. This had the effect that the domestic debit card turnover was overcounted by 3.5 when the March figures were published last April. This has later been corrected and corrected figures for domestic debit card sales for March now appear here in this statistical publication.)

Domestic turnover of payment cards in Icelandic retail outlets amounted to 83.0 in April, an increase by 4.0 compared to April 2022.  This turnover comprised of 38.8 debit card turnover and of 44.2 turnover of credit cards.  Turnover of domestic payment cards in retail outlets abroad amounted to 22.9 in April 2023, an increase of 2.6 compared to same month in 2022. 
Total turnover of foreign payment cards in Iceland was 22.0 in April 2023, which is an increase of 7.3 compared to April 2022.

Payment intermediation data is based on information from Icelandic payment intermediation companies.
Please note that data on turnover of domestic debit cards in banks and ATMs and turnover of credit cards per. billing period, is excluded from Sept. 2020 and onwards.

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