International investment position

02. March


At the end of Q4, the net international investment position was positive by 1.299, or 40.2% of GDP, and improved by 45, or 1.4% of GDP, during the quarter. Foreign assets totalled 5,099 at the end of the quarter, while foreign liabilities totalled 3,801 During the quarter, the position declined by 51 as a result of financial transactions, while foreign assets increased by 18 due to financial transactions, and foreign liabilities increased by 70 Asset values rose by 123 during the quarter, owing to price and exchange rate movements, whereas liabilities declined by 27 Price and exchange rate movements therefore improved the net external position by 150 Prices in foreign securities markets rose by nearly 7% between quarters, and prices in the domestic stock market rose by 2%. The króna appreciated by 1.1% in terms of the trade-weighted index.

The currency composition table published on March 2nd was revised on March 7th. There was an error in the breakdown of FDI assets and liabilities for year end 2021. This does not affect aggregated numbers or any other data connected to the IIP.

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