Other financial corporations

28. April

March 2021

Total assets of other financial corporations at the end of March amounted to 270.0 b.kr. and increased by 997 m.kr. between months. Domestic assets amounted to 223.4 b.kr. and increased by 1.8 b.kr. Foreign assets amounted to 46.6 b.kr. and decreased by 797 m.kr. between months.

Total liabilities of other financial corporations amounted to 220,8 b.kr. at the end of March and increased by 941 m.kr. during the month. Domestic liabilities amounted to 214.6 b.kr. and foreign liabilities amounted to 6.1 b.kr.

Equity of other financial corporations amounted to 49.3 b.kr. at the end of March.

The composition of the sector "Other financial corporations" in this publication has changed since previous releases. The part of the sector that is contolled and under the financial accountability of the general government is now a separate release - Government loan funds.  The sector "Other financial corporations" consists of e.g. finance companies that extend credit mainly to non financial companies and households, financial leasing companies, investment banks, security dealers, asset management companies.

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