Balance sheet of the Central Bank

11. January

December 2020

Total assets of the Central Bank of Iceland amounted to 843.2 at the end of December, having decreased by 43.4 between months. Of total assets, domestic assets amounted to 26.2, having increased by 3.5, and foreign assets amounted to 817, having decreased by 46.9
Total liabilities of the Central Bank of Iceland were 692.3 at the end of December and decreased by 24.5 between months. Domestic liabilities amounted to 652.4, having decreased by 23.6 in December, and foreign liabilities were 39.8, having decreased by 0.9

Foreign exchange reserves at the end of December amounted to 816.7 having decreased by 46.9 during the month and by 5.2 from the beginning of the year.

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