Mutual funds, investment funds and institutional investment funds

27. October

September 2020

Assets of mutual funds, investment funds, and institutional investment funds amounted to 966.1 at the end of September, having increased by 7.3 between months. Assets of mutual funds amounted to 176.3 and increased by 405, assets of investment funds amounted to 387.1 and increased by 2, and assets of institutional investment funds amounted to 402.7 and increased by 4.9

Most of the change was in bond funds which increased by 6.2 in September. Assets in indexed Treasury bonds increased by 3.6 and make up 21% of bond funds‘ total assets but bond funds own 44% of funds‘ total assets.

Total number of funds at the end of September was 211, i.e. 37 mutual funds, 58 investment funds, and 116 institutional investment funds.

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