17. December 2012

Jón Þ. Sigurgeirsson's presentation

On Monday 10 December 2012, Jón Þ. Sigurgeirsson, Director of International Relations and General Secretariat, gave a presentation at a World Bank Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development.

28. November 2012

Speech given by Governor Már Guðmundsson in Abu Dhabi

Governor Már Guðmundsson gave the keynote address at a High-Level Meeting on Recent Policy Developments for Strengthening the Resilience of the Financial Sector on 27 November 2012.

19. July 2012

Speech by Governor Már Guðmundsson in Turkey, July 2012

The speech given by Governor Már Guðmundsson at the conference "Fragmentation in the International Financial System: Can the Global Economy Become One Again?", organised by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and the Reinventing Bretton Woods Commitee, Cappadocia, Turkey, has been published on the Bank's website.