Monetary Bulletin 2001/1

Monetary Bulletin
A Quarterly Publication of the Central Bank of Iceland

Vol. 3 no. 1 February 2001

Contents (6 KB)

The Central Bank will keep the króna within the target bands (10 KB)

Economic and monetary developments and prospects
Outlook on inflation unchanged in 2001 despite weaker króna (62 KB)

Financial markets and Central Bank measures
Króna on a slow slide despite tighter stance (36 KB)

Arnór Sighvatsson
The current account deficit in an international and historical context (62 KB)

Már Gudmundsson
The Icelandic pension system (71 KB)

International Monetary Fund
Article IV consultation: Concluding statement (15 KB)

Chronology of financial markets (14 KB)

Tables and charts (187 KB)