13 March 2015

IMF Executive Board discussions on Icelandic economy

Central Bank of Iceland

On 9 March, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) held its regular Article IV Consultation and the fifth Post-Program Monitoring Discussions, which are part of the Fund’s follow-up on the Stand-By Arrangement with the Icelandic authorities, which concluded in August 2011.
The discussions by the Executive Board were held with reference to a Staff Report submitted by the IMF mission that visited Iceland in December and held discussions with the authorities and other stakeholders. The IMF published a press release on these discussions on its website today. It also published an interview on the IMF and Iceland with Peter Dohlman, head of the IMF mission, in its e-publication IMF Survey Magazine.
Below are the documents related to the IMF’s coverage of Iceland.

Iceland – Staff Report for the 2014 Article IV Consultation and Fifth Post-Program Monitoring Discussions (pdf)

Iceland Selected Issues, March 2015

IMF Survey Magazine - Interview with Peter Dohlman on Iceland

See also the press release on the IMF website: here