19 August 2014

Webcast on interest rate decision and Monetary Bulletin

Governor Már Gudmundsson

Tomorrow, Wednesday 20 August 2014, the Central Bank will air a webcast explaining the Monetary Policy Committee’s interest rate decision and presenting the contents of the new issue of Monetary Bulletin. The webcast will begin at 10:00 hrs.

During the presentation, Már Gudmundsson, Governor of the Central Bank and Chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee, and Thórarinn G. Pétursson, Chief Economist of the Central Bank and Monetary Policy Committee member, will explain the rationale behind the Committee’s decision and summarise the contents of the new Monetary Bulletin.

The Committee’s decision will be announced via news release at 8:55 hrs. tomorrow.

As is stated above, the webcast begins at 10:00 hrs. Please note that the webcast will begin 30 minutes earlier than usual.