10 January 2014

Publication dates for Iceland's sovereign credit ratings

Central Bank of Iceland and the mountain Esja

Credit rating agencies Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch are required to publish the issuance dates of EU member states’ credit ratings pursuant to Regulation no. 462/2013. The purposes of the regulation are to enhance transparency in rating agencies’ operations, improve the rating process, and increase the companies’ responsibility for the credit ratings, which have a demonstrable effect on the credit terms offered to EU member states. 

The regulation applies in the EEA states, although neither it nor some recent rules on financial supervision, etc., (cf., for example, Regulation no. 1095/2010) has been formally implemented in the EEA states. 

The publication schedule is entirely the responsibility of the rating agencies themselves. The 2014 publication dates for Iceland’s ratings are as follows:


 Rating Agency     Date of publication
    S&P     24 January
    Fitch     7 February
    Moody's     14 March
    Moody's     11 July
    S&P     18 July
    Fitch     1 August
    Moody's     7 November