13 July 2012

Improved Central Bank of Iceland website

The Central Bank of Iceland has published a new and improved website at www.sedlabanki.is. The new website is based on the site that has been in use until now, but it incorporates a number of innovations and improvements. The main innovative feature is the possibility of viewing statistical data in graphic form using a data publication tool developed by DataMarket ehf. The web management system, LISA Live, has been updated and is serviced by Advania ehf.

The Bank’s website is hosted by Advania.

The Central Bank of Iceland website was launched for the first time in December 1997. At that time, the Bank issued a press release stating that it wished to use the new technology to fulfil its information disclosure requirements and give the large number of Internet-connected individuals, firms and institutions access to information on the Bank and its activities. This is still true nearly 15 years later. It should also be noted that the Bank’s website now contains a wide range of information on Icelandic monetary and economic affairs in text, statistical, and graphic format, both on the website itself and in professional and scholarly publications stored electronically on the site.