05 March 2012

Katrín Ólafsdóttir appointed to Central Bank of Iceland Monetary Policy Committee

The Minister of Economic Affairs has appointed Dr. Katrín Ólafsdóttir to a position on the Central Bank of Iceland Monetary Policy Committee.

Katrín is an assistant professor with the Reykjavík University School of Business. She worked as an economist with Landsbanki Íslands from 2002 to 2003 and served as Director of Macroeconomic Forecasting with the National Economic Institute of Iceland from 1999 to 2002. From 1991-1998 she was employed as a specialist in the Economics Office of the Icelandic Ministry of Finance. Katrín completed her doctoral degree in labour market economics at Cornell University in 2009. She received a master’s degree in Economics from Cornell and a bachelor’s degree in Economics, with a minor in Mathematics, from Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Katrín is replacing Anne Sibert on the Committee, who had been appointed for three years from February 2009.

Information on the Monetary Policy Committee can be found here: Monetary Policy Committee.