20 February 2009

A new web-based Central bank of Iceland publication. Translation available.

A new web-based Central Bank of Iceland publication, Economic Affairs, has been launched on this website.  Economic Affairs will feature papers by individual authors, which have previously been published in Monetary Bulletin. By publishing these papers in web-based format as they become available, the Central Bank will be able to bring them to readers' attention more promptly.

Indexation and Monetary Policy by Ásgeir Daníelsson is the first paper in a new web-based Central Bank of Iceland publication entitled Economic Affairs. Papers by individual authors will no longer be published in the Bank’s Monetary Bulletin but will appear instead in Economic Affairs as they become available. The articles will be compiled in a printed anthology at the end of each calendar year.

The English translation of Indexation and Monetary Policy is now available.

See: Economic Affairs