14 January 2008

Government Debt Management Prospect. Emphases in 2008

Planned Treasury note issuance of 47 b.kr. nominal value. 
New benchmark issue of 10- to 11-year Treasury notes to be issued at the beginning of this year.
Treasury bill issuance will be discontinued. 
Foreign borrowings maturing during the year will be paid up.

The cash position of the Treasury is strong at present, and it is estimated that the gross borrowing requirement for 2008 will be negative in the amount of 42 b.kr. As in recent years, the Treasury does not need to seek borrowed funds in the marketplace. The primary purpose of Treasury issues is therefore to promote an active secondary market and to strengthen price formation of the domestic fixed income market.

Press release with tables (pdf) 

No. 2/2008
January 14, 2008