06 July 2007

Research, macroeconomic model and conferences

A new section has been added to the Central Bank of Iceland website including information on research that has been conducted in connection with the Bank's activities. These include details of the new quarterly macroeconomic model (QMM).

The section includes a lists of research papers, conferences and seminars in which the Central Bank has been involved. Links are provided where possible.

A separate section is devoted to the QMM, which has been designed and developed by Central Bank staff. First used in 2006, the QMM is the Bank's main tool for economic forecasting, analysis and experimentation. Information on the QMM includes the latest version of the user's manual, the quarterly database and lists of the parameters used in the model. The QMM and database are freely accessible for use on-line, but users are kindly requested to attribute the source in their research.