01 December 2006

Indicative exchange rates

The Central Bank of Iceland quotes the rate of exchange of the króna daily against ten foreign currencies, cf. Article 19 of the Central Bank of Iceland Act No. 36 from May 22, 2001. A buying, selling and mid rate is fixed for each of these currencies. As of December 1, 2006, exchange rates for a further twenty-five currencies will be calculated and published on the Central Bank’s website daily. It should be underlined that the exchange rates of the additional currencies are not officially fixed in the sense of the Central Bank Act, but are solely an indicative mid-rate.

Exchange rates of the following currencies will be fixed daily:

 US dollar   USD
 Pound sterling    GBP
 Canadian dollar   CAD
 Danish krone    DKK
 Norwegian krone   NOK
 Swedish krona   SEK
 Swiss franc   CHF
 Japanese yen  JPY
 Special drawing rights   XDR
 Euro   EUR

An indicative mid rate will be published for the following currencies as of December 1, 2006:

 Chinese yuan    CNY
 Russian rouble   RUB
 Polish zloty  PLN
 Estonian kroon   EEK
 Latvian lat  LVL
 Lithuanian litas


 Nigerian naira   NGN
 Taiwan dollar  TWD
 South Korean won   KRW
 Surinam dollar   SRD
 Australian dollar  AUD
 New Zealand dollar   NZD
 Hong Kong dollar   HKD
 Hungarian forint   HUF
 Israeli shekel   ILS
 South African rand  ZAR
 Singapore dollar   SGD
 Mexican peso     MXN
 Maltese lira    MTL
 Turkish lira       TRY
 Croatian kuna  HRK
 Indian rupee    INR
 Bulgarian lev    BGN
 Czech koruna     CZK
 Brazilian real     BRL

For further information contact Sturla Pálsson, Director of the International and Market Operations Department of the Central Bank of Iceland (sturla.palsson@sedlabanki.is), tel. +354 569-9638.

No. 44/2006
December 1, 2006