Interest rates and other rates

Central Bank rates

The Central Bank conducts monetary policy largely by affecting money market interest rates, mainly through the interest rates on the facilities it offers to credit institutions, which then affect other market rates. The Bank’s key interest rate (sometimes called the policy rate) is the rate on these facilities that is the primary determinant of short-term market rates and therefore of the monetary stance. At present, the Bank’s key rate is its seven-day term deposit rate.


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Bank rates and penalty rates


Here are metadata for banks, penalty and general interest rates of monetary claims.


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Market rates

Interest rates in the interbank market in ISK

1 M1.66%2.03%
3 M1.92%2.42%
1 Y2.20%2.70%
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The Central Bank of Iceland will no longer input data for government issued bonds tables (in brackets).

Instead, we refer to the Government Debt Management website, (or:

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