Balance of payments

04. June


The current account deficit measured 35.9 in Q1/2024. This represents a deterioration of 6.8 relative to the previous quarter and 21.3 relative to Q1/2023. There was a deficit on goods trade in the amount of 55.7 and a 13 surplus on services trade. The surplus on primary income amounted to 18.3, whereas there was a 11.5 deficit on secondary income.

Balance of payments figures published on 4 June 2024 were corrected on 14th June. The correction, which pertains to one of the components of the current account balance – more specifically, the primary income balance for Q1/2024 – affects the current account deficit. According to the new figures, the deficit is 4.9 smaller than previously estimated. The adjusted current account deficit is therefore 35.9, as compared with the previously published 40.8