International investment position

04. June


At the end of the quarter, the net international investment position was positive by 1,775, or 41.4% of GDP. It improved by 201, or 4.6% of GDP, during the quarter. External assets totalled 6,194 at the end of the quarter, and external liabilities were 4,420 The position improved by 4 during the quarter, owing to financial transactions, as foreign assets increased by 214 and foreign liabilities by 210 Price and exchange rate movements during the quarter increased asset values by 201 and increased the value of liabilities by 5, thereby yielding an improvement of 196 in the net external position. The króna appreciated by just under 0.5% in terms of the trade-weighted index. Prices in foreign securities markets rose by 8.5% between quarters, while prices in the domestic stock market fell by 3%.

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