Insurance companies

17. November

September 2023

Total assets of insurance companies amounted to 305.3 at the end of September. Of total assets, assets of non-life insurance companies amounted to 286.5 and assets of life-insurance companies amounted to 18.7
Domestic assets of the companies were in total 258.6 and foreign assets amounted to 46.6

Domestic liabilities amounted to 128.5 of which share of insurance and pension entitlements amounted to 114 Foreign liabilities amounted to 92

Equity of insurance companies amounted to 176.7 at the end of September and decreased by 1.5 between months.

Due to the implementation of IFRS 17 accounting standard in the settlement of insurance companies accounts, there is a break in the time series of unpaid premiums and unearned premiums in January 2023. Data for January – June is now being republished in accordance with IFRS 17.

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