Mutual funds, investment funds and institutional investment funds

27. April

March 2022

Assets of mutual funds, investment funds, and institutional investment funds amounted to 1,277 and increased by 15.5 between months. Assets of mutual funds amounted to 192.8 and increased by 5.1, assets of investment funds amounted to 572.8 and increased by 32, and assets of institutional investment funds amounted to 511.4 and increased by 10.3

Asset in equities and investment fund shares has since December 2020 been higher than asset in bonds. At the end of March it was 116.4 higher. The asset has since December 2020 increased by 45% and amounted to 43% of total assets at the end of March.

Total number of funds at the end of March was 224, divided into 37 mutual funds, 68 investment funds and 119 institutional investment funds.

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