Monetary Statistics

25. April

March 2022

The total assets of DMBs amounted to 4,769.1 at the end of March having increased by 50.4 during the month. Domestic assets amounted to 4,380.4 and increased by 63.3 Foreign assets amounted to 388.7 and decreased by 12.8 Domestic liabilities amounted to 3,240.5 and increased by 72.7 in March. Foreign liabilities amounted to 813.3 and increased by 26.8 Equity of DMBs amounted to 715.3 at the end of March, having decreased by 49.1 during the month.

New credit less prepayments amounted to 60.9 in March, thereof indexed loans amounted to 0.1, unindexed 43.4, foreign currency linked 14.3 and leasing contracts 3.0

New household credit less prepayments amounted to 20.0 in March, thereof residential mortgage loans amounted to 15.8, which was 6.1 higher than in February.

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