Mutual funds, investment funds and institutional investment funds

30. December

November 2021

Assets of mutual funds, investment funds, and institutional investment funds amounted to 1,231.6 at the end of November and decreased by 0.9 between months. Assets of mutual funds amounted to 185.6 and increased by 0.6, assets of investment funds amounted to 577.7 and increased by 5 and assets of institutional investment funds amounted to 468.4 and decreased by 6.4

Assets of investment funds have increased by 155.7 during the year or by 27% Gone from 421.9 at the end of December 2020 to 577.7 at the end of November. Equity funds, which are categorized as investment funds, amounted to 126.6 or 22% of investment funds and have since year-end increased by 51.3 or 41% Investment of households in those funds has increased by 21.5 during that period and amounted to 45.5 at the end of November or 36% of total investment in them.

Total number of funds at the end of November was 220, divided into 36 mutual funds, 67 investment funds and 117 institutional investment funds.

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