Balance of payments

01. December


The current account surplus measured 13.1 in Q3/2021. This represents an improvement of 50 relative to the previous quarter and 12.5 relative to Q3/2020. The deficit on goods trade totalled 47.4, while the surplus on services trade totalled 60.3 The surplus on primary income amounted to 7.9, whereas there was a 7.7 deficit on secondary income.

The more favorable current account balance relative to Q3/2020 is attributable mainly to considerably more favorable services trade in the amount of 40.4 The main difference lies in exported services values, which were higher by 70.5, whereas imported services values rose much less, or by 30.1 The balance on goods trade was less favorable by 15.3 The primary income balance deteriorated by 6.5, and the deficit on secondary income widened by 6.1

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