Foreign position of the Central Bank

08. September

August 2021

The Central Bank's foreign assets were 931,5 at the end of August compared to 858,9 at the end of July. Foreign liabilities amounted to 91 at the end of August as opposed to 34.9 at the end of July.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) allocated special drawing rights (SDR) to its member countries on 23 August 2021, following prior approval by the Fund’s Board of Governors on 2 August. Prior to this allocation, Iceland’s reserve holdings in SDR totalled SDR roughly 184 million. With the allocation, they have increased by SDR 308 million, to a total of SDR 492 million. This expands Iceland’s international reserves by approximately 55.4, from 29% of GDP to 31% of GDP, and increases the share of SDRs in the reserves from 4% to 10%. See more here: IMF general allocation expands Iceland’s international reserves (

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