Mutual funds, investment funds and institutional investment funds

28. April

March 2021

Assets of mutual funds, investment funds, and institutional investment funds amounted to 1,048.6 at the end of March and increased by 13.6 between months. Assets of mutual funds amounted to 176.4 and increased by 1.5, assets of investment funds amounted to 461.1 and increased by 10, and assets of institutional investment funds amounted to 411.1 and increased by 2

Assets of investment funds have since March 2020 gone up by 28%, but at that time they amounted to 360 During the same period, i.e. March 2020 to March 2021, assets of equity funds have increased by 82%, gone from 62 to 113, assets of mixed funds increased by 81%, gone from 28.5 to 51.6, and assets of hedge funds have increasd by 55%, gone from 38.5 to 60

Total number of funds at the end of March was 212, i.e. 37 mutual funds, 64 investment funds and 111 institutional investment funds.

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