Monetary Statistics

22. December

November 2020

The total assets of DMBs amounted to 4,285.4 at the end of November having decreased by 5.3 during the month. Domestic assets amounted to 3,824.4 and decreased by 22.6 during the month. Foreign assets amounted to 461 and increased by 17.2 during the month. Domestic liabilities amounted to 2,882.9 and decreased by 2.8 during the month. Foreign liabilities amounted to 751.5 and decreased by 6.7 in November. Equity of DMBs amounted to 651.1 at the end of November, having increased by 4.2 during the month.

New credit less prepayments amounted to 38.3 in November, thereof are indexed loans less prepayments -12.2, unindexed 44.8, foreign currency linked 6.4 and leasing contracts -688 Time series were corrected, due to errors (missing prepayments) in previously submitted data. The corrections were for the period August 2013 until September 2020.

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