International investment position

30. November


The net international investment position was positive by 969, or 33.5% of GDP, and improved by 142, or 5% of GDP, during the quarter. Foreign assets totalled 4,522 at the end of the quarter, while foreign liabilities totalled 3,552 Net financial transactions improved the net international investment position by 39 during the quarter, as external assets declined by 132 due to financial transactions and external liabilities fell by 169 Asset values rose somewhat, owing to price and exchange rate movements during the quarter, increasing by 188, whereas liabilities grew by 51 On the whole, price and exchange rate movements led to a 137 improvement in the net international investment position. Prices in foreign securities markets rose by just over 7%, and domestic share prices fell by 2.4%. The króna depreciated by 3.1% in terms of the trade-weighted index.

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