Pension funds

07. October

August 2020

Assets of pension funds amounted to 5,500.2 at the end of August, having increased by 154.6 from the previous month. Thereof assets of mandatory divisions amounted to 4,924.5 and voluntary divisions to 575.7
Domestic assets of pension funds amounted to 3,648.9 Thereof deposits in deposit taking corporations amounted to 201.5 and domestic loans amounted to 543.7 Domestic marketable securities amounted to 2,069 at the end of August and equities and investment fund shares amounted to 815.9
Foreign assets of pension funds amounted to 1,851.3 at the end of August. Thereof 1,813.4 were in equities and investment fund shares, 20.4 in deposits and 8.5 in marketable bonds. Other liabilities amounted to 7.5 leaving net assets at 5,492.7

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