Balance of payments

29. May


The current account surplus measured 11.4 in Q1/2020, as compared with a surplus of 50.9 in the preceding quarter. The deficit on goods trade totalled 18.6, while the surplus on services trade totalled 24 There was a 14.2 surplus on primary income and a 8.3 deficit on secondary income. The current account surplus was 32.6 smaller than in the same quarter of the prior year, owing to a considerably less favourable goods account balance in the amount of 21.3 The main difference was a 26.4 reduction in export revenues, although the value of imported goods was lower by 5.1 The balance on services trade deteriorated by 5.5, and the balance on primary income was less favourable by 5.3 The deficit on secondary income was larger by 0.5

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