Mutual funds, investment funds and institutional investment funds

25. January

December 2018

Assets of mutual funds, investment funds, and institutional investment funds amounted to 813.5 at the end of December and decreased by 9.3 between months. Assets of mutual funds amounted to 148.5 and increased by 25, assets of investment funds amounted to 326 and increased by 4.4, and assets of institutional investment funds amounted to 339 and decreased by 13.7 Most of the change was in alternative investments, which decreased by 13.3

Total number of funds at the end of December was 213, i.e. 42 mutual funds, 59 investment funds and 112 institutional investment funds.

Two changes have been made on the data. The item Loan granting has been broken down into industrial sectors and the item Other equity has been added because limited companies, that are categorised as funds, are also included in the data.

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