Presentation of interest rate decision and webcast

Tomorrow, Wednesday 12 December, the Monetary Policy Committee's interest rate decision will be published on the Central Bank of Iceland's website at 08:55 hrs. The webcast will commence at 10:30 hrs. where Governor Már Guðmundsson and Deputy Governor Arnór Sighvatsson will explain the rationale behind the decision. Már is the chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee and Arnór is a member of the Committee.

The webcast can be seen on the link provided below. As a new webcast method will be implemented tomorrow, it is encouraged that viewers test the link to see that it functions properly (a black screen should be visible with the text „media site“ at the top, along with two blue frames with the texts „waiting for presentation to begin“). Large workplaces may require assistance from their respective IT departments. Keep in mind, the Central Bank does not take responsibility for possible webcast interruptions which may take place.

Test webcast link: http://streymi.nyherji.is/Mediasite/Play/326a64b18b4c4626803a0c92b92bf84b1d

The webcast will be available here: http://streymi.nyherji.is/Mediasite/Play/12341b26c6a1426b99d417fe8f1a62631d  

Further information regarding webcast:

The service provider utilized has been updated which allows for better quality webcasts, along with the ability to watch the webcast on iPhones, iPads and Android operating systems (edition 4.0 or later).

Users may be required to update their “Silverlight player”, which is necessary to watch the webcast.

The Silverlight player can be obtained here: http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/